Midnight Sun Brewing Panty Peeler
Midnight Sun Brewing Panty Peeler

After a few days in Chicago on a business trip, I’m back in the northwest. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time I hoped while I was there to do more reviews (I only did 1 out of 4 days), so that puts me a few days behind on my 50 beer challenge.  It’s alright, I’ll make up for it this week.

The nice thing about being away from home was that I came back to a few boxes that came in the mail full of beer.  While that beer is now in the fridge cooling down, I decided to pull out a 22oz bottle of Midnight Sun Brewing Panty Peeler Belgian-Style Tripel that I bought last week to represent Alaska.

The first thing I noticed about this beer was the label is pretty interesting.  There is a naked lady riding a reindeer flying over a forest while throwing off her clothes. Um, ok.

Panty Peeler (which has gone by 2 other names in the past, Extreme Polar White Bier and E’pluche-culotte) poured a hazy golden orange color with visibile carbonation bubbles seen near the edge of the glass.  The top had a big foamy white head with some excellent retention and some nice lacing.

This beer has a powerhouse of a smell.  It was sitting about two feet away when I was taking a picture and I could already smell the aroma.  It is a pretty nice blend packed with Belgian yeast, orange peel, coriander, spices, pears, some noticeable alcohol and slightly sweet malt.

The first thing I noticed when taking a drink was the strong carbonation that was very present.  The flavor was similar to the nose with some strong orange, citrus, and pear flavors mixed with bready malts and honey.  The finish left a sweet malt and orange flavor lingering in my mouth.

One thing I really appreciated about this Tripel is that it got better and better as the glass became empty.  It could be the 8.9% ABV, but the flavor evolves the more you drink it leaving a pretty pleasant experience.  Compared to other Tripels, it stacks up with some really good ones, but doesn’t stand out as a front runner.

Overall this is a very enjoyable beer and I’m glad Alaska isn’t too far away so I can find it around here. I’d definitely drink it again.

If you’re not on the west coast, you can buy it online through Brewforia here.

My Midnight Sun Panty Peeler Review: B+

Here are the details:

ABV: 8.5%
IBUs: 15
Style: Tripel

What’s your thoughts on Midnight Sun Panty Peeler?