Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch
Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch
I’ve heard that summer has come for some parts of the country.  While we’re still waiting for the sun to come out here in the northwest, it’s time for the summer seasonal beers to start poking their heads out of hiding.

The Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) always seems to have a seasonal variety pack to match each of the seasons, so I was excited to hear that they added 2 new styles to their summer variety pack. Both the Rustic Saison and East-West Kölsch sounded like good additions to me to their summer lineup, and I figured I’d try out the Kölsch to represent Massachusetts in my 50 beer challenge.

I find it interesting that more American breweries don’t bottle a Kölsch as they’re usually a pretty tasty session beer. There isn’t a ton of competition in this style, so there is definitely some room for a brewery to step up and brew a Kölsch that will quickly become known as the standard.

On to the review of Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch.

East-West poured a very crisp and clean looking golden yellow color with some beautiful looking carbonation floating to the top.  There was a very clean white head on the top that almost had snow-like qualities with how white it was. As the glass became empty, a very thin layer of lacing was left as a tribute to the beer.

The aroma is pretty faint yet clean.  The dominant smell is like a grainy cracker with just a slight florally hint, which comes from the Asian Jasmine Sambac used in the brewing process. In between there is just a touch of sweetness.

I was a little surprised that the flavor was as complex as it was.  There is the strong grainy malt flavor that was in the smell, which gave way to a spicy hoppiness that transitioned into a slightly sweet citrus flavor.  In between there is some slight bitterness, but not that much.  Despite the complexity, there isn’t any over powering flavors which give this beer a nice light taste.

Overall this is a very clean tasting and smelling beer that would be great on a warm summer day (if they ever come).  I really would like to see more brewers take a stab at brewing a Kölsch, as I think there could be some improvement on this one.  However it’s a pretty great beer that I enjoyed very much.

My Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch Review: B+

Here are the details:

ABV: 5.01%
IBUs: ?
Style: Kölsch

What’s your thoughts on Samuel Adams East-West Kölsch?