Blog About Beer Redesign

The new site design for Blog About Beer is now live (in case you haven’t noticed). It was designed to give a nice and clean look to the site as well as speed up page load time. You might also notice that I added a new Blog About Beer logo to further brand the blog.

Along with the new look I added 3 ways that you can connect and stay informed with what’s going on around the craft beer industry and Blog About Beer.

  1. Twitter
    If you’re on Twitter, follow me at @blogaboutbeer.   I love social media and love connecting with other beer fans in 140 characters or less.
  2. Facebook
    Most people are on Facebook these days so I created a Facebook page for Blog About Beer where you can “like” this blog and connect with other visitors of this site.
  3. Newsletter
    Signup for the newsletter and I’ll send an email once a month with top posts for the previous month, coupons and specials from beer related sponsors, and additional content not found on this site.  Also, for signing up to the newsletter you can download a free eBook of over 500 home brewing recipes.  To sign up just fill out the form on the right sidebar of the site.

Let me know what you think about the new design and if you run across any errors or problems.


  1. Love the new design, Logan, and the new logo. Very well done. Thank you so much for taking the blog in such an impressive direction!

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