This Sunday, September 16th is Mayflower Day. A little-known holiday marking the anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower from England in 1620. For more than two months the Mayflower never took to land – the crew endured storms, illness and starvation on the high seas; that is, of course, until they ran out of beer. Back then beer was the primary beverage because, at the time, water could have been very dangerous if consumed.

This Thursday (the 13th) “Here’s to Beer”–the marketing ploy developed by Anheuser-Busch–will debut a new print ad in USA Today reminding Americans to celebrate Mayflower Day with a beer, just as their fore fathers did, and to recognize its importance in the development of our nation.

visit for more information on the celebration, and for information on how to order “The American Brew” – a film commissioned by “Here’s to Beer” celebrating brewing & beer’s role in American history and culture.   


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