You may remember earlier this month when it was reported that the Utah State House of Representatives approved a bill (by a vote of 58-2) which would raise the state’s legal draft beer Alcohol By Volume to “full-strength”, rather than the watered-down, measly 4% it is today.

Well, apparently not everyone in the Utah State Government is equally open-minded not incredibly ass backwards. On March 12th, the State Senate decided against allowing the sale of full-strength draft beer in bars and restaurants. According to the Associated Press,

On Thursday, the last day of the session, the Senate decided not to debate the measure and to go home early instead.

No word yet — as far as I could find, anyway — on whether or not the bill will be reintroduced during the Senate’s next session or if it’s dead for good and Utah will remain in the dark ages for the foreseeable future.


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