Just a few things to note as they come across the wire at lunch time:

  • For my loyal Maine readers: October 3 – Gritty’s L/A Brew Pub is turning two years old! Celebrate the L/A Brew Pub’s second “beerthday”! The festivities kick-off from 4-6pm with a special happy hour: plenty of free munchies, lots of beer and friendly faces. But the party is just getting started because “The Grumps” go on live to perform later that evening. Throw in some “Kick-Ass Anniversary Ale” at the low price of $2.50 per pint and Gritty’s L/A Brewpub will be rock’n the house!
  • AskMen.com today wrote a very fun Top 10: Legendary Drinkers piece that, while not entirely about beer, is definitely worth the read. Click here to check it out. Men who made the list include legendary beer drinker (and the man who lends his mug to the 100 dollar bill) Ben Franklin, and (needless to say) Ernest Hemingway, and even actress Judy Garland received an Honorable Mention. Check it out.
  • The Chicago Sun-Times features a piece today on the unlikely (but delicious) pairing of beer and chocolate. Find it here.
  • And last but not least: Among the men serving up the beer at Munich’s Oktoberfest this week is a Catholic priest, Munich’s Sueddeutsche newspaper reported on Tuesday. Father Rainer Maria Schiessler’s customers in the beer tents are unaware of his true identity, as he wears no priestly vestments, and refer to him simply as Rainer, the name shown on his badge. This is Rainer’s second Oktoberfest; last year, however, he was summoned to offices of the archbishop to be told that, “priests should not go around playing waiter.” Father Rainer has shrugged off the reprimand however, stating that, “If this job is below the dignity of a priest, are the others serving beer here worth less than I am?” Father Rainer, whose parish falls in the trendy Glockenbach quarter, where gay bars proliferate, is convinced he is gathering valuable life experience here. “I would send any priest out here for a practical,” he says. Oktoberfest, which began on Sunday, is expected to draw 6 million visitors by the time the last one-litre measure of beer is drawn on October 7.

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