Just a quick request for recommendations: I’m going to be traveling through both the Washington D.C. and Baltimore Metro areas (and everywhere in between) next week from Wednesday through Sunday visiting family. I already know of some of the on-premise places I plan to hit — The Brickskeller, Olney Ale House, and Franklin’s in Hyattsville — but it’s been awhile since I’ve done a beer trek through that neck of the woods so can any readers out there recommend some places (especially off-premise retail stores) to pick up some beers I can’t find ’round here? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Take a stroll over to the DC-Beer email list:

    It’s an incredible collection of people from the DC/Baltimore area who can tell you all that is going on.  Evidently there’s a few new places that are definitely worth stopping in.

    Also, if you shoot me an email I’ll forward you a listing of local events.

  2. Thank you all for the recommendations. However, as I said in the original post, I’m not looking for brewery, brewpub or even bar recommendations; I need to find a good LIQUOR STORE so I can bring beer back with me. Please recommend a retail shop instead, please

  3. According to BeerTravelers.com the following looks very promising:

    Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits, 5544 Connecticut Ave. N.W., 202-363-4000
    A small, narrow storefront, literally packed with beer, wine and liquor. Most of the beer kept cold. More than 850 available.

  4. Chevy Chase Wine most likely has the largest selection in the area. If you are in Adams Morgan, stop by De
    Vinos (http://de-vinos.com/) on 18th Street. It’s a very cool, locally owned, wine and specialty beer shop
    with great service and a knowledgeable staff. I go there weekly to pick up Belgium beauties.

    Enjoy DC!

  5. i did a beer trip to d.c. myself just a couple of weeks ago. rick’s wine and gourmet at 3117 duke st across the river in alexandria was pretty solid. i found some of the local beers i was looking for and bell’s 2 hearted ale from mi. not sure it is worth going way out of your way, but if you are down there it is definitely worth a look. i’ll be at the festival this weekend so i may see you there. — josh

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